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About us and Mission

Recognizing a need for increased support for contemporary classical music composition and appreciation both domestic and cross-cultural in Japan, Glovill was founded by a group of professional musicians and educators as a non-profit organization in May 2002. Our mission is to serve the underserved, to contribute to the spread of the contemporary classical music, and promote talents related to contemporary classical music.

Glovill’s mission is to:

1. Serve the underserved.

2. Contribute to the spread of the contemporary classical music.

3. Promote talents related to contemporary classical music.

Glovill fulfills its critical mission of better serving contemporary classical music by producing non-commercial and educational programs in a variety of ways, such as public courses, concerts, workshops and master classes. Our various educational services are designed to explore and educate our program participants in the trends in worldwide contemporary classical music and to foster opportunities to learn the most advanced techniques. We are proud of our reputation for producing the highest quality programs.



Hiroyuki Yamamoto

Haruka Sato

Nobuko Okazaki

Yuriko Kojima


The board of trustees

Naoshi Kukiyama


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